Diesel-Electric Locomotive 709.5 (T239.1) Model Basic Features

Prototype Year of Manufacture: 1992Last Modification Manufactured: 1996Quantity Manufactured: 37

Locomotive T 709.5 model is a 2-axle locomotive with diesel-electric AC/DC power transmission designed for medium duty shunting and/or haulage at low speeds in European climatic conditions.

The locomotive is provided with a hood and walkway (protected by railing) and a driver's cab, positioned close to the rear end of the locomotive. The auxiliary drives are propelled mechanically (diesel engine fan, compressor), or by DC motor (traction motor fan).

Axle Arrangement Bo
Contour UIC 505 – 1,
Pic. No. 6,7
Main Frame Deformation Force Resistance 2,000 kN
Length Over the Bumpers 9,450 mm
Gauge 1,435 mm
Mass of Fully Equipped Locomotive
in Working Order
44 metric tons
Axle Load 22 metric tons
Distance between Bolster Pins 4,700 mm
Driving Wheel Diameter 1,050 mm
Max. Operational Speed 60 km/h
Max. Traction Effort Accelerating from Standstill 141 kN
Permanent Traction Effort 98 kN
EDB Maximum Braking Effort 80 kN
Minimum Turning Radius 80 meters
Air-Pressure Brake DAKO DK – GP
EDB Output 550 kW
Securing Brake Hand Brake
Diesel Engine MTU 8V 183 TE12
Nominal Power 327 kW / 1800 min-1
Electrical Power Transmission ČKD (AC / DC)
Traction Alternator ČKD TA 612
Traction Motors 2 x ČKD TE 019
Nominal Torque 4 700 Nm
Max. Engine Over-Speed 2 660 min-1
Auxiliary Circuit Voltage 24 V DC

Traction Effort

Braking Effort Characteristics

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