• Manufacture of rotors and stators
  • Manufacture of coils of main and auxiliary terminals
Motor types: TE022, TE023, TE026, TE028, TE036


  • increase of the machine insulation class to the design of class N 210 SKD
  • auxiliary pole temperature sensors
  • new commutator and collector
  • higher thermal load and power increase from 40 to 54 kW in TE036SKD001 design
  • low operating and maintenance costs
  • guaranteed 500,000 km
  • oil leaks prevention
  • improved lubrication
  • use of original, refurbished cabinet parts
  • increase in transmitted power up to 90kw
  • control electronic regulators including their components
  • pulse inverters / converters – choppers
  • rectifiers
  • converters and timers
  • brake regulators, slip regulators
  • phase modules
  • electronic components for the modernisation of traction equipment
  • SKD tram bogie with double suspension
  • suitable for most CKD trams operated on standard track gauge (1,435 mm)
  • also includes transverse suspension
  • new way of transmitting traction and braking forces
  • use of a modernised gearbox
  • noise reduction

Manufacture of components

  • traction motors, rotors
  • gearboxes
  • 3D measurement
  • Supply of modernised traction motors TE026A05 in insultation class N210 SKD
  • Supply of modernised electronics (regulators, pulse convertors, apparatus cabinets, etc.)
  • Supply of new axles, bogie frames, rail brake coils
  • Supply of new tachographs, spare parts for interior
  • Supply of spare parts for pantographs, automatic couplers
  • Supply of accumulators, resistors

Manufacture of components

Electrical part

  • rail brake coils in plastic housings
  • carbon brush downforce on the axle
  • lighting fixtures, external lights, internal lights
  • passenger space heating
  • instrument and resistance frames and cabinets
  • braking resistors, resistors
  • brakes and magnets
  • switchboard
  • terminal plates, distribution boards

Mechanical part


  • electronic components (voltage, current, speed, temperature sensors, etc.)
  • electronic components for the modernisation of traction equipment
  • electronic thermostats
  • information panels